Chartist Cave from B4560


Distance - 8.1 km
Total ascent - 223 m
Total descent - 223 m
Approx time - 3:00 hours

Car park on B4560 (marked on most road maps)
An easy walk across open moorland to the Chartist Cave, this is a linear walk to the cave and re-trace your steps back to the car park.
When walking this route previously I have come across potholers looking for caves which can be found in this area.
The majority of this is on well trodden paths, however there are areas where the path is less distinct or even non-existent so good navigation skills will be required especially in poor weather.
Gaiters highly recommended after wet weather.

From the car park follow the defined old abandoned mine track west out of the car park below the old quarry works.
Once in line with the forest follow a defined path to the 541m trig point, if the path is not visible on the ground walk on a bearing to the trig point.
At the trig point there is a defined path on the ground leading to the cave.
Retrace your steps back to the car park.
"Chartist Cave: In 1839 the cave was used by Chartist Rebels to prepare and stockpile weapons such as pikes for their attack and seizure of Newport in November of that year."