Pwll y Wrach from Talgarth


Distance - 12.3 km
Total ascent - 378 m
Total descent - 378 m
Approx time - 4:50 hours

Car park at Talgarth


If the weather does not allow heading up one of the local mountains this is an excellent low level walk which takes you to the edge of the Black Mountains before heading back via Pwll y Wrach (Witches Pool) Nature Reserve. There are decent paths throughout; conditions are liable to be boggy during/after wet weather.

From the car park head to Talgarth centre then take the road opposite the Co-op and head past the church.

Just after the church take the road on the left that goes past a row of houses, at the end there will be a stile that takes you into a field.

Cross three fields and then take the stile into Park Woods, in Park Woods follow the path up to a defined track, turn left onto this track and follow it through Park Wood and Bradwys Wood and onto Common Bychan.

From Common Bychan follow defined paths to Rhos Fawr. On Rhos Fawr follow defined footpaths to the edge of the Black Mountains.

Follow a path around the foot of the Black Mountains, cross over a restricted byway and carry on a defined path towards Cwm Dwr-y-Coed where you will turn right and follow the path to a road.

Cross the road to pick up a footpath that will take you around Pen y Bryn farm and follow the footpath through a number of fields heading in a westerly direction. Again cross over a restricted byway to finally arrive on a road.

At the road turn right, after around 200m look out for a footpath on your left that will take you into Pool-y-Wrach Nature Reserve. Follow this path to the waterfall and then out of the nature reserve and back onto a road.

At the road turn left and follow the road back to Talgarth.

"Pwll y Wrach is a waterfall feature on the River Ennig. The river plunges in two separate streams over a lip of hard rock into a pool formed from softer mudstone. It is suggested that the pool got its name from the ancient method of identifying witches!"