Tor Y Foel from Talybont-on-Usk


Distance - 14.2 km
Total ascent - 496 m
Total descent - 496 m
Approx time - 5:45 hours
Highest Point: Tor y Foel 551 m

Henderson Hall car park in Talybont-on-Usk (honesty box for payment)


A walk that combines a decent hill (Tor y Foel), canal path and the Taff Trail (an old discontinued railway line that used to feed industrial South Wales).

Take in Henry Vaughan garden on the Taff Tail and other historical landmarks on the way.
There are decent paths throughout; through the field leading to the bottom of Tor y Foel conditions are liable to be boggy during/after wet weather.

Take the Taff Trail out of Talybont keeping right at each junction. The path gently climbs all the way with great views of the reservoir and surrounding peaks.

After approximately 4km look for a path to your left that will take you through a field and to the base of Tor y Foel. At the base is a stone circle, an excellent spot to take a break and take in the view.

Head up Tor y Foel following the defined footpath, it is a short climb to the top and much easier than approaching it from the other direction.

Carry on following the defined path off the mountain in an easterly direction passing a forest on your left. The path will take you through a number of fields before you come to a road.

Cross the road to pick up your path on the other side which heads through Pen-y-Bailey farm. Again head through a number of fields before the path takes you to the Canal.

At the canal turn left and follow the canal path back to Talybont.